Sunday, April 06, 2008

Colour Week

Day 305: Red, Rogue, Rojo, Rosso, Pula...
Day 305: Red, Rogue, Rojo, Rosso, Pula...
So starting today, I am doing a colour themed week, following the days with the "The Color My World Daily" group on Flickr.

Monday is Red.

Day 306: Mr. Orange
Day 306: Mr. Orange
Today is Orange day!

I recently bought a few new t-shirts from the Threadless spring-clean sale and picked up this t-shirt, it's called, Colour Coded Criminals. Of course it's a play on the wonderful Reservoir Dogs and the characters Mr. Orange and Mr. White.

Since it's Orange day, I thought this shirt would be perfect for the colour and rightfully so.

Day 307: Flower Power
Day 307: Flower Power
Today is Yellow day!

Flower power all the way! Today marks the day that Jimi Hendrix is my hero. For reasons unknown.

Day 308: Green Day
Day 308: Green Day
Today is Green day!

Green is my favourite colour and it has been since I was very small. Green is the colour of trees, grass, grass, apples, go, money, frogs, etc.

And with the British summer around the corner, because it's not quite here just yet. I can't wait to be spending my days in the sun, despite my heyfever.

Day 309: I've Got The Blues
Day 309: I've Got The Blues
Today is Blue day!

"It’s like chewing gum with your headphones on
Drinking lemonade
Chilling on the front porch after running ball
Like you lost a twenty dollar bill
You got a free ticket from the scratch and win
Its like the swimsuit issue
Could I get a tissue?

Its’ like you and your baby got nasty cut off and left alone now making eyes
On the city bus again grandma cooks blueberry pie
Little sister got a boyfriend
It’s like smoking the ride
The final right
The vinyl rides
Blues music..."

- "Blues Music" by G. Love & Special Sauce

Day 310: If You Don't Want To, Why Didn't You Say So?
Day 310: If You Don't Want To, Why Didn't You Say So?
Today is Purple day!

Sometimes, I just have to be honest and just say 'no'.

Day 311: Snow Puts Spring On Hold
Day 311: Snow Puts Spring On Hold
Today is Black and White day!

I was woken up by my Dad, he's told me it had snowed outside and it had settled too. I thought it was meant to be spring? We had some sunny spells throughout the week, it was a good sign that the sun will be shining soon enough.

Fair enough, the April showers I expected, but not snow! Hehehe. This made me excited and I went outside to take a self-portrait, the snow was perfect for a black and white shot and eventually my brother came along and we had a small snow fight until our hands started freezing up.

This is the last photo of my Colour Theme Week, hope you enjoyed the series.