Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Understand This

I'll never understand the opposite sex and I'm sure the opposite sex will probably think the same with us. It's just, I don't understand them sometimes, or maybe I just don't understand myself? Heh. You won't ever really know if they're okay or not, or whether or not they are cool with you or anything really. I've had my fair share of female experiences, whether it's dating them, being in a relationship with them or even just being friends with them, I've almost been everywhere with them, but still, I don't understand them as much I would like to.

I wish I could be better at this kinda thing. I ask if they're okay, they're "fine". But are they really? What do you want us to say? Or do? You want us to be concerned or do you want us to not to care and move on, because I certainly aren't sure myself. Whatever it is, I just want to know, properly. Yes, I guess I can understand that maybe you don't want to talk about it? But I'm up for listening, yes, I may not understand everything that you girls are saying out of your mouth, but I certainly can be your shoulder to lean on, so why don't you lean on me instead of bottling it up?

You see, this process of thinking and understanding the opposite sex, ultimately puts me in the mood, emotion and state of mind that the girl supposedly wasn't. Does that make sense to you? I've certainly made no sense in my writing, I'm just writing along here and there. Yes yes. Ok, I'm going off track a bit I know, usually, I start these posts with a friendly, "Hey!" or "Today I did this..." Maybe it's a good time to start already? I'll work backwards.

I got a haircut after school as my hair was starting to go all afro on me again. My Dad took me down to Wolverton and we dropped his car off to a hand car wash service and walked down to the Agora. I wasn't overally satisfied with my hair at first, but after a shower, I guess I have to accept it really?

Beforehand, I had free lessons, where I just spent my days reading my book, which currently is a novel by Mark Haddon and it's called, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time". I just was caught onto the book and wasn't really in the mood to talk to Pete, Sarah, Mark, Lizi and Cece. Nothing against them, just, I don't know, wasn't in the right frame of mind?

The start of school wasn't particularly interesting either. What more can I say? I'm sorry for the negative tone that I've written in tonight's blog entry, I wish it were more cheerful and somewhat positive. Hopefully I'll brighten up by tomorrow.

Artist: Matthew McAvene
Song: Brighter
Album: 777

Yeah, I've still lost of my files, so I've resorted to MySpace, the Archive and good old CDs.