Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thirty Eggs

I think I grew up too quickly and didn't spend the time ever being a destructive kid, I always left that to my brother. When I was young I was always the sensible one, not that I didn't do anything destructive or daring, just I never liked the concept of it.

Mark, Gavin, Peter, Marshall and I decided to go a car trip at the last minute as all of us were walking out of school. It wasn't exactly planned, more on-the-spot movement. Peter thought he'd be smart and bring an egg along on our journey.

One of the funniest parts of our journey is when Mark was doing 20mph on a busy road and all of us just couldn't stop laughing as we got tailgaters and angry queue of cars behind us! XDD!!!
We stopped off at Asda and Peter bought 30 eggs for £2.34. Peter and Gavin seemed to have wasted the eggs easy, but eventually they hit targets. One of the worst accounts is when Peter threw an egg, unware of pedrestrians and hit a car and the egg splat all over the lady.

The game finished when Gavin threw the egg and it exploded in the car and went all over the interior. OMG! One of the funniest things I've seen, and probably most retarded aswell. It was absolute havoc as we had Mark going crazy, Gavin screaming for tissues, Pete and Marshall in uncontrolable laughter and I was frantically trying to find the dry wipes! XDDD!

I just woke up from a small nap because I fell asleep while watching Crime Story. The thing is though, that I wasn't really that tired, I guess it was the car trip? Oh well, it was a good nap and I guess I needed it.

Music: "Good Stuff" by The B-52's
"Well...Here it is / Here it is / Here it is"